Since 1983 I live, with my wife Eva, in Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, the photography field was “my thing”. After being a sales rep for Nikon Cameras, I became the President for Nikon Microscope and Ophthalmic Instruments Division and set up many medical research institutions, museums and research laboratories with specialized equipment. Lately I have taken up this interest again. As you get older you get wiser, maybe… Now I combine lifestyle with work as much as possible. The outdoors is a great part of my life, for fitness, wellness and happiness, and workplace.

“Seen it – Done it – Been there”

Lived in a big city (Stockholm), seen people, stress, meetings, exhibitions, traffic, famous people (the King of Sweden, ABBA, Ingemar Stenmark, Johnny Cash), the opera, museums, done marketing plans, sales analysis, photo shoots, race horses, been to Japan, Africa, most of Europe and USA, travelled in my job, stayed at luxury hotels and tried the food. Fifteen fabulous years that gave me a good perspective of the world. Now I stay closer to the ground, actually real close – with my renewed interest in micro and macro.

Recapping Life

Looking back, it’s easy to forget all things that have happened.

I was always interested in sports and competed in decathlon when I was 15 – 19, then I did the compulsory military service as a costal commando (kustjägarna) and passed the 1 yr service, very tough training both physically and mentally, only a handful of the 600 applicants made it through the year, but it helped me to understand the importance of keeping fit and to achieve almost anything.

After my service I took a Chemical-technical engineer exam while working for the Swedish Atomic Energy Commission. After that, changed my career into the photography sector that led me in to work for  Nikon Microscope and Ophthalmic Instruments Division in the position as President of Nikon Instrument Ltd. During this time I travelled to various parts of the world to meet with Nikon sales people, designers, technicians and engineers to work on development of equipment in the line of microscope and ophthalmic instruments. My department’s sales numbers were soaring and I was offered several opportunities for advancement within the Nikon Corporation – anywhere in the world.

At that point my wife and I had started traveling to Canada and after several trips we wanted a change in lifestyle and decided to move. I declined all offers and we came to Canada to “start over”. The challenge of a new life, a new country, a new beginning was exciting! We never thought we’d stay in a small place like Barkerville, British Columbia. The long severe winters, the remoteness, the few neighbours, how long could we stand it? With dual citizenship we could live in anywhere in Canada or anywhere in Europe. Well, we have looked at many places but have never found anything like this one, so we are still here, loving it!

Miss anything?

Not much, however I am far away from my son and grandchildren and the rich Swedish history, culture and food. Traditions and cultural events are hard to replace. Life is a compromise and it is what you make of it. I’m happy to have been born where I was, and I am happy to be where I am now. It can’t get much better than that!


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